Beauty is key to everything

TAF House material exists to help designers and asset owners achieve interior and exterior experiences that have an impact physically, emotionally and visually.

We believe that good design is foundational to beauty and what we bring to the world. Everything we do reflects the creativity of Italian design merged with an u nderstanding of the current architectural movement and design scene in the Middle East.

As experts in decorative Italian-made porcelain tiles and wood flooring, we represent and supply trending materials cross multiple brands specialised and dedicated to the Middle Eastern market.

How we work

Creating enduring beauty requires intense collaboration between people who share the purpose of creating something unique. That’s why we believe that working in close partnership with our clients is paramount to achieving this goal. We want to ensure that your designs will look beautiful with our materials.

We dedicate ourselves in finding ways to enrich a design project through thorough our in-depth knowledge of each material in terms of design, technical features and green sustainability. We work with you from concept stage to post installation to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with our materials.

We like to refer to our showroom as a creative lab and as an extension of our clients’ materials library. You will find an abundant variety of materials according to colours, patterns and shapes reflecting the trends in fashion and interior design. Our materials are themselves visual storytellers—always subject to innovation in craftmanship and timeless style that is subtle, adaptable and outlasting.

Meet Our Team

Alessandro Geneloni

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Teresa Geneloni

Co-Founder | Director of Marketing & Operations